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We are delighted to in introduce a large selection of stylish, funky, modern, retro candle holders and associated candle options for home and garden usage


1. Heart-shaped jelly candles are slightly fragrant and can add a romantic atmosphere.
2. For the wedding, marriage proposal and holiday use
3. Storage: Do not expose under the strong light. The candle melts at a temperature of 60 degrees. Store in a cool, dry place.


1. Size: about 3.8*1.8cm/1.50*0.71''
2. Material: paraffin + glass
3. Application: for the candlelight dinners, marriage proposal, weddings, festivals, etc.

Packing list: 

1 Box Of Heart-Shaped Jelly Candles

Type: Art Candle
Material: Paraffin Wax
Product: General Candle
Shape: Flower
Use: Home Decoration
Handmade: No
Feature: Colored Flame