What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

What are your shipping times?

We take 1-2 days to process orders. Once we ship your products they take from 12-22 days to arrive to the United States and 45-60 days to the Rest of World.

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping is FREE.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes. Anything you purchase from our store will be sent with a tracking number so you can always know where your package is and its status.

What currency are your prices in?

All prices in the store are in GBP.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, debit and credit cards (visa, mastercard, american express), Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.

How do I buy in your store?

All the process is very easy. Just select the products you want and add them to the cart. Once you have all your products you can proceed to the checkout where you can now add your shipping information, select your shipping method and payment method. Remember that your purchase is protected and encrypted.

Orders are normally processed in 24-48 hours. After that we will ship the product to the address you specified during checkout and will provide your tracking number so you can follow your package.

Is my purchase protected with you?

Your purchase is protected every time you buy with us. That's why we have a Buyer's Protection which you can find here.

About Customs Charges

If the customer's country or region charges fees like import tariff, value added tax, customs handling fees, etc, the customer will have to bear the charge(s). The fees will be collected by the Post Office or courier service provider of the customer's country or region. In case the delivery of an order is delayed due to customs, we bear no responsibility in this circumstances. We do not issue any proof of export documents, such as proof of country of origin, or export visas.